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So. Welp. I’m moving to LA.


So. Welp. Looks like I’m moving to LA. I grew up there, I have family there. And not just mom & dad, but cousins and aunts and uncles galore. If you don’t have cousins, I really suggest you get some. They’re simply the most. My life sort of went haywire this past August. In one week a boyfriend moved to Texas, I was laid off AND I got a new job the very next day. A couple weeks later the relationship ended, I (unsuccessfully) tried to quit my brand new job and I was an emotional DIS-AS-TER. While I was reeling about all my life changes, I decided to seriously consider moving back to LA.


My beautiful dining room floral crown molding

This is my actual for real crown molding

I LOVE San Francisco. LOVE. When I started to think about leaving this past fall, I would look at my floral crown molding in my dining room and cry. Where am I going to find floral crown molding in LA? LA is so gross and hot and everywhere will have carpets and neighbors who want to be traffic-battling-actor-slash-waiters. I will never have crown molding again for the rest of my life if I give up all my Marina crown molding. Why would I do this to myself? No. Forget it. I’m staying in SF. The architecture and the bay windows and the youthful energy and the food and being able to walk everywhere and the scooter I really mean to start driving…

This is not *my* snow prince, but his butt is totally as taught as this guy’s.

I live below the snow prince from the Nutcracker…YES he dances for the SF Ballet and I live beneath him! How cool is that!?! He is a wonderful guy but a surprisingly loud walker, given his profession. I can’t give up my crown molding and my heavy-footed snow prince!

This is the place where I grew into my adulthood. I went through some tough times and came out the other end better and stronger. There was a time when I could count my girlfriends on one hand and was down on my knees, crying into a prayer journal BEGGING God to give me a community here. And now…I can barely squeeze everyone I love into my schedule. I am SO blessed, SO lucky and SO SO SO aware of the grandness of my life.

I just read an email that said living in SF is like living in a really fun painting. Sometimes you’ll hear people call this place Neverland or The Sandbox because if you want to, you can totally forget to grow up. It’s so energetic and fun.

But then when I would go to LA for the weekend. When Sunday night would roll around and it was time to pack, I would cry. BUT I HAVE CROWN MOLDING IN SAN FRANCISCO AND IT ALREADY MAKES ME CRY. I prayed so much about not knowing what to do or where I belonged, but there was a nagging feeling that I was getting too big for my flower pot. Somewhere in there, I decided it was time to move south and welcomed the peace that came with that decision. No more tears about leaving LA. Just the occasional nostalgic glance towards my dining room…

I looked a little, but I decided to take a break from a stressful job search sort of believing that when the time came, I would know it.

And so…the time came. An opportunity from January resurfaced. Within a week, I had flown down to LA and had a job offer. This opportunity is amazing – especially given the company and people I’ll be working with.

And so…all of a sudden, I’m moving to Los Angeles to work in Woodland Hills across the street from the mall where I had my first date. (That’s right. My men keep it classy.) It’s surreal, unbelievable, scary, exciting, heartbreaking and confusing all at once.

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