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The best maid of honor speech I have ever heard


My little cousin Lolly married my lovely new cousin-in-law back in October. The wedding was FAB, and included HANDS DOWN the best MOH speech I have ever heard. If you’ve talked to me about the wedding, I spend about 1/2 the time talking about the bride, 1/2 time talking about how much fun I had with my family and the other 2/3 of the time I would tell you about what a great great maid of honor we had.

The maid of honor was her sister, Natalie. Natalie’s a pyrotechnician at the Hollywood Bowl (I’m not kidding) and I could only find one photo of her in a bridesmaids dress.. (She’s with my nana.)

The best maid of honor speech I ever heard was given by the bride's sister, Natalie. Posing here with her Nana...clearly an influence in her life!

Her speech was quite inline with the exuberance of this photo. And without further ado -

The speech!

Hi everyone! I’m Natalie, not only the Maid of Honor but Lolly’s beautiful younger sister.  We have been waiting for this day for a long time and I couldn’t think of someone better for my sister.

When first hearing about the engagement, the scariest part was knowing I had to write a speech, and that my sister couldn’t help me.  I thought this is going to be awful, I can’t write a speech without Lolly!

She’s my other half, but now she has found a new half. But I realized, that’s Ok. We can be thirds!

Andrew, thank you for putting up with my sister—and me—and making her happier than I’ve ever seen.

  • Lolly wasn’t always this spunky feline you see before you.  She once was my 2-year-old big sister with blonde curls, treating like a baby doll always begging my mom to feed me.  Five years later, I was in kindergarten and had a very cool older sister in 2nd grade. One day while celebrating Ryan Jusko’s birthday, his mom brought in cupcakes to share with everyone in the class.  A few minutes later, Mrs. Jusko realized that Lolly wasn’t eating her cupcake and asked to see if there was a problem. Lolly’s response was “I’m saving it to share with my sister.”—It’s really hard to maintain this physique when your sister is shoving food down my throat. But even at such a young age, Lolly never thought about herself.  She was always looking out for me and made sure to always make me feel included or speacial.  And let me tell you how cool you are being the only kindergartener with a cupcake at recess!
  • Lolly set the tone in our house, of always looking out for others.  She never cared that I needed to dress exactly the same way and do exactly the same things.  When it included the most atrocious Easter hats Cindy insisted we wear, even those were cool because Lolly had one too.  She taught me to be kind, patient, and try my best no matter what.  Following the perfect older sister was NOT easy.  She had the perfect grades and perfect attendance, and all I had was my perfectly large mouth!
  • When Lolly first came home from college, she could only talk about this super cute boy in her math class.  My mom asked “What’s his name” Lolly said “Andrew” Cindy said “Andy” Lolly said “Andrew” Cindy said “Drew” Lolly said “No just Andrew”.  The rest of the break was dedicated to figuring out a plot to get his attention away from the other females at Harvey Mudd.  There were not that many of them—most are here.
  • The first time I met this alleged Andrew was their winter break when he came for a visit to the Simoni Compound.  And as usual, with people in and out of our house at all times there were many interrogations.   Leave it to one of my friends to make the situation completely awkward, call him a keeper, and ask when they are getting married, and here we are 5 years later.
  • It wasn’t until they were dating when he came to Sunday night dinner.  Our family is—unique.  Family dinner is like family initiation.  Andrew’s first Sunday night dinner was one that we will never forget.  While Aunt Suzy was flipping through bride magazines, Aunt Nini was asking about his future plans and his intentions with Lolly.  And then there is Grandma Marcia who didn’t care to learn his name, but decided that he would be called Christopher Robin.  Now, whenever she asks how or where the two of them are, she says “How are Lolly and that darling boy Christopher Robin?”.  He apparently passed the inanition, and made it into our hearts.
  • When Lolly first met Andrew’s family, this was the welcome she received.  [hold up sign] [read: Welcome Lolly! Hooray Lolly’s Here!].  This wasn’t even the half of it.  Even though it was freezing outside, Andrew’s parents planted a garden of flowers they named “Lolly Flowers”.  Every night they would cover the flowers with a blanket so the frost wouldn’t kill them before Lolly arrived.  How awesome is it that they actually took the time to do this! The Pietropaolo’s would never take the time to do this.  You walk in, are expected to learn about 30 names, eat dinner, say goodbye to 30 new friends, and leave.  I’m so happy that the La-Motte-Mitchels have welcomed Lolly with open arms and an open heart.
  • The first time I knew when they were going to get married was right when Lolly moved to San Diego.  Because Andrew had a later starting date, he spend the first few weeks down there with her to help her get settled.  Being the annoying little sister, I somehow found my way to her apartment, barging in, and taking over as to be expected.  While Lolly went to work, Andrew had the honor of spending the entire day with me, and wasn’t he lucky! As I awoke up from my slumber at about, well, noon he had cooked me breakfast and then made fun of me that it was actually lunch. He’s always making fun of me.  As we sat and chatted, he was explaining to me about all of the shopping they had done.  He said “We went and bought these plates, and I picked out glasses of us.”  When I actually thought about what he said “WE” and “US”.  Buddy this is MY sister and I am the only WE and US in her life.  But from that moment on, I knew that he was the one! I couldn’t think of anyone better to join our family.
  • 2 years later can the phone call about the proposal, I flipped.  I got off the phone and I started screaming!  My roommate came running downstairs, and she thought I’d hurt myself.  When I told her what had actually happened we started shopping for engagement rings, only slightly sidetracked picking out our own instead.  Now, I have the biggest mouth in the family and keeping this a secret was not the easiest thing I’ve ever done! The second person I told was my Nana, and lets face it, she comes in a close second to me with her secret keeping capabilities! Although we were both about to explode, we knew that this was an important secret to keep, and that fact that we both did speaks not only to us and our love for them, but of our hope for their relationship.
  • So now, please raise your glass with me to my to celebrate their love and our love for them.  Cheers!
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2 thoughts on “The best maid of honor speech I have ever heard

  1. great speech, well done, I bet it went down so well.

    love it and fantastic photo.

  2. Loved the picture, haha. Great post! Thanks.

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