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I am Engaged to be a Horse’s Butt. Yay!

I’ve always wanted to be the back end of a 2 person horse costume… I guess the story starts there.

Ever since I was in high school and learned how to tap dance, I  always envisioned myself being part of a 2 person horse costume. And, as I got older and more serious about life and costuming, the horse head was going to be my future husband. Me and the husb would show up to parties with little tap dancing back legs and would WOW the crowd with our humor and my dancing skills! (I mean, a girl has to be able to dream about her future, right?)

This is me at my 2nd birthday party. Exactly 30 years and 10 feet from where I would get engaged.

This is me at my 2nd birthday party. Exactly 30 years and 10 feet from where I would get engaged.

So last Friday, Tim and I were going to celebrate my birthday by dressing very fancy and going to a medium fancy restaurant (my idea because I needed an excuse to wear a sequin dress). He told me to be ready a couple hours early for a birthday surprise. (No, I didn’t suspect much more than what I’ve been suspecting for the past 2 months. He’s really romantic and this was not out of the ordinary for him to do something like this.)

It turns out, he rented out my parent’s Beach Club for a night. I LOVE that Beach Club. I grew UP at that Beach Club. I have had all my childhood birthdays and 2 uncle’s weddings at that club. And when we got there, there was this beautiful table set up with wine and cheese! (And my brother. He was there, too but he got lost pretty quickly.)

We just sat and chatted as the sun set, and it was perfect. Tim asked if I wanted my birthday gift and obviously I said yessssss. He goes around the corner and pulls out this huge box. HUGE. It would fit 1.5 Kristens at LEAST! And I start to open it and…theres…a …giant stuffed horse head?

A mere 5 minutes before the proposal, I was quite content to prance around in my new birthday present all nigh!

A mere 5 minutes before the proposal, I was quite content to prance around in my new birthday present all nigh!

And then I realize OMG it is the horse costume I’ve always dreamed of!

After many long years of waiting, I am FINALLY going to be a horse’s back side!

How LUCKY FOR ME!!!! I try on the head and neigh. I make Tim take a picture of me. I’m GIDDY (up. see what I did there?)!

And then he hands me my birthday card. It’s 3 short note pages of the sweetest things anyone has ever said about me. He tells me to read out loud and 7 words in, I’m crying. At the end, it said:

I smile as I think of a younger Kristen fantasizing of wearing a ridiculous two-person horse costume with her husband at parties and being “that couple.” Well, you have the costume, but something’s missing…

And then HUZZAH! He’s down on a knee asking me to marry him! I said yes and LUNGED. Grabbed the ring and went in for a big hug as I cried my mascara all over his nose. About a minute later I realize I hadn’t looked at the ring! So…I look at it. It’s perfect. Not “perfect because he loves me and picked it out for me” perfect but actually exactly what I wanted (Art Deco, low profile, if you’re wondering).

And that’s it! We’re engaged! And we took the horse costume out for a spin and made a little video!

Were you surprised?
Yes. I knew it was coming for some time, but I figured he’d ask me what ring I wanted or something before just going for it. (For what it’s worth, the control freak who lives inside of me is still surprised he NAILED the ring with no direct input from me.)

So…you really didn’t suspect it that night?
A few weeks ago, I thought there was a pretty good chance it would happen my birthday weekend, but since he had no problem letting me reschedule EVERY part of that weekend pretty last-minute, I figured, welp, I guess I’m not rescheduling anything important then *grumble*! That, plus, I forbade him to go ring shopping without me, so since we hadn’t gone ring shopping, I figured I’d have some time…

How do you feel?
Overjoyed. Both Tim and I realize what an incredible blessing is that we have found each other, and look forward to a life together – having fun, not taking ourselves too seriously and serving God!

A horse's behind

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Goodbye Break Up Couch!

Goodbye Break Up Couch! After 4 break ups while sitting on the SAME seat on the SAME sofa, I finally decided sell the Break Up Couch, but not before doing a dramatic reenactment photo shoot of some of our good times together. Props to my very brave boyfriend/photographer who suggested I actually try screaming a little to make it look more realistic. (And…who did not run screaming.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good luck to the newly married couple who purchased it…

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Goodbye 1pointsf. Hello CavParen…

3 Months after moving to LA, I was forced to face the reality that my blog title, 1pointsf, really didn’t fit anymore. I mean…not like there was a lot of San Francisco blogging going on, but since I don’t live there, I thought it was time to switch it over. Yep….I moved to Santa Monica! Emotionally charged reasoning can be found here.


  1. Cavalier Parentheses is an even better name for a Kristen Isaacs blog than 1pointsf (minus the fact that every 3rd time I misspell parenthises…parenthases…parentheses…there it is).
  2. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get more chevron into my life, but since I can’t seem to commit to a color scheme in my new apartment, I haven’t gotten around to really defining a throw pillow strategy.


So. Please welcome me in saying a bittersweet farewell to 1pointsf. I loved you, 1pointsf (and regular SF) but I’m moving on! Welcome, CavParen (our little nickname) – I look forward to getting to know you oh so well.

Check it out! Shortest post ever! Jigga what.

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The Best Free Audiobooks!

Guess what. There are absolutely free and legal audiobooks. Don’t get me wrong, is great and I’m a loyal (paying) member, but I ALSO love a good freebie.

So, you know how you can get all the books that are in the public domain right to your iKindlePad for free? It turns out, there’s this site called (I wholeheartedly agree! Books should be free dot com!) While you won’t find anything new or sassy up there (no Bossypants, *lament*), it’s a great chance to catch up on the classics and did I mention(?)…it’s free. The books are read aloud by volunteers  – some are aspiring actors, some are good Samaritans and some shouldn’t be allowed to hold a microphone but they do it anyway. I’ve been using this site for YEARS, and  while I haven’t heard everything, I’ve got a pretty good handle on the ins and outs. Continue reading

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3 Words to Send Shana to Australia!

Don’t even worry about it guys. I’m fully aware that updating a a few times per year technically probably makes it defunct, but you see…I just can’t bring myself to blog for work and then muster up the energy to do it again for play (oddly, I don’t feel the same way about Facebook). All that to say that this post is months overdue! A new record!

Something I’ve learned about making crowdsourced videos as gifts is that it really works much better if the person has an energetic and expansive community. So, when Shana (EVERYONE loves her. No joke.) announced that she was moving to Australia, we sprang into action. We made the video that’s below and showed it at her going away party.



So. Welp. I’m moving to LA.

So. Welp. Looks like I’m moving to LA. I grew up there, I have family there. And not just mom & dad, but cousins and aunts and uncles galore. If you don’t have cousins, I really suggest you get some. They’re simply the most. My life sort of went haywire this past August. In one week a boyfriend moved to Texas, I was laid off AND I got a new job the very next day. A couple weeks later the relationship ended, I (unsuccessfully) tried to quit my brand new job and I was an emotional DIS-AS-TER. While I was reeling about all my life changes, I decided to seriously consider moving back to LA.


My beautiful dining room floral crown molding

This is my actual for real crown molding

I LOVE San Francisco. LOVE. When I started to think about leaving this past fall, I would look at my floral crown molding in my dining room and cry. Where am I going to find floral crown molding in LA? LA is so gross and hot and everywhere will have carpets and neighbors who want to be traffic-battling-actor-slash-waiters. I will never have crown molding again for the rest of my life if I give up all my Marina crown molding. Why would I do this to myself? No. Forget it. I’m staying in SF. The architecture and the bay windows and the youthful energy and the food and being able to walk everywhere and the scooter I really mean to start driving…

This is not *my* snow prince, but his butt is totally as taught as this guy’s.

I live below the snow prince from the Nutcracker…YES he dances for the SF Ballet and I live beneath him! How cool is that!?! He is a wonderful guy but a surprisingly loud walker, given his profession. I can’t give up my crown molding and my heavy-footed snow prince!

This is the place where I grew into my adulthood. I went through some tough times and came out the other end better and stronger. There was a time when I could count my girlfriends on one hand and was down on my knees, crying into a prayer journal BEGGING God to give me a community here. And now…I can barely squeeze everyone I love into my schedule. I am SO blessed, SO lucky and SO SO SO aware of the grandness of my life. Continue reading


The best maid of honor speech I have ever heard

My little cousin Lolly married my lovely new cousin-in-law back in October. The wedding was FAB, and included HANDS DOWN the best MOH speech I have ever heard. If you’ve talked to me about the wedding, I spend about 1/2 the time talking about the bride, 1/2 time talking about how much fun I had with my family and the other 2/3 of the time I would tell you about what a great great maid of honor we had.

The maid of honor was her sister, Natalie. Natalie’s a pyrotechnician at the Hollywood Bowl (I’m not kidding) and I could only find one photo of her in a bridesmaids dress.. (She’s with my nana.)

The best maid of honor speech I ever heard was given by the bride's sister, Natalie. Posing here with her Nana...clearly an influence in her life!

Her speech was quite inline with the exuberance of this photo. And without further ado -

The speech!

Hi everyone! I’m Natalie, not only the Maid of Honor but Lolly’s beautiful younger sister.  We have been waiting for this day for a long time and I couldn’t think of someone better for my sister.

When first hearing about the engagement, the scariest part was knowing I had to write a speech, and that my sister couldn’t help me.  I thought this is going to be awful, I can’t write a speech without Lolly!

She’s my other half, but now she has found a new half. But I realized, that’s Ok. We can be thirds!

Andrew, thank you for putting up with my sister—and me—and making her happier than I’ve ever seen. Continue reading


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